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Mark Labs

Mark Labs helps asset managers and other institutional resource allocators integrate the UN SDGs, ESG, Climate, and other impact considerations into the very heart of their investment decisions.

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Washington, USA
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Kevin Barrow

Co-Founder & CEO

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Jennifer Rimbach

Co-Founder & COO

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About Mark Labs

The problem we're solving:

Despite the rapid growth of ESG investing, data fails to provide decision-makers with sufficient insight into the ESG performance of their portfolios. This issue makes it difficult to optimize capital allocation for impact and financial returns, and it often deters stakeholders and institutions from sustainable investment.

Our biggest achievement:

Since the start of 2020, Mark Labs has been working closely with an American asset manager (AUM = $250B AUD) on a proof of concept that has informed and accelerated their product's development. Mark Labs is also collaborating with the United Nations to inform the allocation of their investments toward the economic inclusion of refugees.