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Manas AI

Using AI to close the customer experience gap and power customer satisfaction, retention and growth.

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London, United Kingdom
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Rahul Chakkara

Founder & CEO

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Pavan Alluri

Co-Founder & CTO

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About Manas AI

The problem we're solving:

Brands, big and small, have customer experience gaps. The reality of a customer's experience is different from the promise. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and churn. Together, they have a negative impact on brand value and growth.

The problem exists because of the capability gaps in brands to get and process unstructured customer data at speed and in high volumes.

Our solution:

Manas AI applies #AI to improve Customer Experience.

They do this by getting unstructured and conversational data from multiple channels and multiple languages. They apply their AI technology to extract the signals of dissatisfaction. They size the signals and its intensity. This helps brands to understand the issues in different geographies, prioritise them and fix them. This increases customer satisfaction and retention. Leading to brand growth.

Our differentiator:

They use their AI technology to deliver the signals at speed and scale, in multiple countries and languages.

Our biggest achievement:

Manas AI has acquired global customers who continue to expand the usage of the product.