Homely manages vacation rentals for property owners and guests

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Lagos, Nigeria
USD $10K-$100K

Management Team

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Hanson Nnadi


Akinfemi Onadele


    McDavid Obioha


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      About Homely

      The problem we're solving:

      Travellers are price sensitive and this affects their purchasing behaviours. They want more space and privacy at a cheaper price. Also, 60% of bookings continue to be made through offline channels.

      Property owners are now taking advantage of this rapid growth in demand and supply is growing 96% annually. However, there is no solution available that integrates the management of online and offline bookings into a single, user-friendly platform

      Our solution:

      Users can conveniently search for accommodations by location and explore a diverse range of listings, including apartments, hotels, beach houses, and hostels.

      Property owners can leverage the travel and booking data we provide to strategically expand their portfolios by identifying promising investment opportunities.

      Our differentiator:

      What sets our platform apart is that users have the convenience of booking supplementary services during their stay such as food service and cleaning directly online, enhancing the overall user experience which is traditionally only available in hotels. For property owners, we offer seamless integration of both online and offline bookings, calendars and channel management tools for popular sites like Airbnb and Booking.com ensuring smooth and efficient operational processes

      Our biggest achievement:

      We have onboarded over 200 rooms, processed bookings over $150,000 and hosted over 2,000 guests