HAMR Energy

HAMR Energy

Hydrogen assisted molecular recycling (HAMR) allows waste to be converted into chemicals for building products and fuels.

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Melbourne, Australia
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About HAMR Energy

The problem we're solving:

Fossil fuel consumption is causing damage to our environment. Fuels and chemicals require pathways to decarbonisation.

Our solution:

Hydrogen assisted molecular recycling: utilise renewable hydrogen to recycle carbon at a molecular level in a process that takes feedstock through the gasification, syngas cleaning and catalysis stages to produce chemicals and fuels as the end results. HAMR Energy's solution closes the circular economy gap.

Our differentiator:

Other businesses focused on hydrogen as an energy carrier vs. hydrogen as a chemical building block.

Unique skills sets and network developed:

  • Leverage network and talent from ailing sector to be ahead of the pack.
  • Australian leading knowledge and network in waste to chemicals.
  • Linking chemical industry and waste industries.

Unique economic first project opportunity identified.

Australia based team can capture a market that is behind the rest of the world.