Habidatum delivers data feeds serving as risk benchmarks for location-oriented strategies and real estate decision-making.

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New York, USA
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Alexei Novikov

Co-Founder & President

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Katya Letunovsky

Co-Founder & Vice-President

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About Habidatum

The problem we're solving:

Identifying and mitigating risks in commercial real estate are critical functions for all constituents involved in the lifecycle of a property. Insurers, underwriters, developers, and asset managers commonly rely upon stale, static, and fragmented data to inform their observations and decisions. This leads to an increase in unidentified and misrepresented risk, which can lead to significant financial loss.

Our solution:

Habidatum provides near-to-real-time metrics and analytics which unlock a property’s risk and potential based upon its location, surroundings, and mobility patterns.

How it works:

  • Aggregate: Habidatum aggregates granular location data that clients mainly don’t have, on a global basis and in real time
  • Validate The data is cleaned, normalized, checked to meet comparability and reliability criteria and transformed into ready-to-use metrics
  • Display: The client gets instant access to the metrics through a proprietary dashboard, automated reports or API
  • Score: Habidatum runs custom scoring based on the provided metrics that fine-tunes client’s risk models

Our differentiator:

  1. High caliber team with extensive and diverse global project experience and partnerships (IT, data science, real estate, urban economics, structured finance)
  2. Proprietary data platform designed for ease of use and adaptability into existing workflows, or as a standalone tool
  3. We value ourselves as collaborative partners and thought leaders, and seek to understand and engage with our clients to design solutions that meet their needs

Our biggest achievement:

  1. Hitted 1M revenue in 2019
  2. Working with the largest world data carriers like Mastercard and Vodafone
  3. Licenses with F500 commercial banks globally
  4. Awarded by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas twice