Accelerating the digitalisation of industrial companies with machine maintenance and workplace safety AI solutions.

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Leon Lim

Founder & CEO

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Alex Wong

Co-Founder & COO

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Si En Toong

Head of Marketing

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About GroundUp.AI

Our solution:

GroundUp.AI supports industrial companies in reducing workplace injuries and deaths by improving workplace safety standards through their Computer Vision driven safety monitoring solution. With a highly accurate system in place to identify and alert workers and managers of safety breaches, this allows appropriate actions to be taken before any catastrophes happen. Their forklift safety monitoring solution further leverages on our unparalleled spatial measurement algorithm to detect nearby humans and objects to prevent unwanted collisions and accidents, thereby tackling one of the most common causes of workplace fatalities.

Our differentiator:

GroundUp.AI's solutions are three times faster with the help of Meta Asset Capsule™, their existing library of data resources and pre-trained data to catapult the speed of deployment so that clients can see a faster ROI.