FreshBox Enterprises Limited

FreshBox Enterprises Limited

We design, manufacture and deploy solar-powered cold storage solutions for fresh produce farmers, aggregators and market vendors.

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Nairobi, Kenya
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About FreshBox Enterprises Limited

The problem we're solving:

Post-harvest losses: Over 40% of fresh produce is spoiled from the point of harvest to consumption. The loss of produce results in the unavailability of nutritious foods and loss of income for small-scale farmers and market vendors.

Our solution:

FreshBox use locally available components to manufacture and install solar-powered cold storage units which are used by fresh produce farmers, vendors, and aggregators in the different points of the food supply chain. Their model involves charging for only use of our cold storage chambers making their solution affordable to farmers and vendors in low income areas.

Our differentiator:

By manufacturing the units locally, they are able to lower the total unit cost by up to 50% compared to other available options, this makes their solution affordable to the end user. FreshBox also offer our solutions as a service making us the service provider than just selling the cold storage units.

Our biggest achievement:

Over the last 3 years of operation, they have been able to serve over 2,000 fresh produce farmers and market vendors improving their livelihoods as well as increasing their business income by up to 50% and at the same time saving over 1,700 tonnes of food that would have been spoilt. They have also worked in partnership with reputable organizations including The Univesity of Nairobi and the UN - World Food Program.