FOHAT is building the blockchain microgrids for a decentralized energy future.

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Curitiba, Brazil

Management Team

Igor Ferreira avatar

Igor Ferreira

Founder & CEO

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Dani Paes

Founder and Chief of People & Culture Officer

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    About FOHAT

    The problem we're solving:

    FOHAT is specialized in the development of software solutions for microgrids using blockchain technology to integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and promote peer-to-peer Transactive Energy (P2P TE). The consumers won’t be the only ones to benefit from microgrids. The utility companies and the national operator will have a more flexible and reliable system to operate, as they will be able to communicate with microgrids for demand-response programs, frequency regulation, and other ancillary services.

    Our biggest achievement:

    FOHAT was selected in the top 10 Energy Startups Brazil 2018 and leads a chapter on developing an Open Energy Blockchain Framework from EBC -Energy Blockchain Consortium.