Firefly Initiative

Firefly Initiative

The world’s first tokenised platform for socially responsible organisations to support volunteering communities.

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Melbourne, Australia
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Courtney Smith

Founder and Director

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Darryl Vine

Founder & Head of Community Partnerships

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About Firefly Initiative

The problem we're solving:

With over 1bn people globally, volunteers are the single most important asset in our communities.

In the last ten years, Australia has seen volunteering rates decline by over one million volunteers. The Federal government is calling it a ‘civic crisis’ & a threat to community stability. This is a global trend.

For socially conscious brands & institutions looking to connect with volunteer-led communities, providing meaningful support is filled with friction and impossible to measure.

We solve it all

Our solution:

We’re building a platform for socially responsible brands and institutions to support volunteers in a way no one else is. Specifically, we're building:

A time tracking app to record & measure a volunteer's contributions.

A marketplace to incentivise & reward volunteers (like flybys for volunteering)

Tools for organisations to efficiently deploy funds for social impact & measure ROI on community investments

A channel for businesses to solve ESG/CSR/branding/acquisition challenges.

Our differentiator:

Each volunteering hour is recorded, validated and stored on the blockchain.

This creates a commoditised social impact ‘asset’, which can be valued, traded, invested in or underwritten by organisations seeking social impact proof.

This helps businesses more efficiently invest and accurately measure ROI for their social impact initiatives and campaigns.

Our biggest achievement:

Deployed our MVP with pilot brand partners. Application is currently being used in a closed, geographically-bound beta by the region's most active grassroots volunteers.