EnvoPAP makes innovative, sustainable packaging and paper that is kind to the planet using renewable sources—like sugarcane waste instead of wood.

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London, United Kingdom
USD $1M-$5M
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Kaushai Shah

Founder & CEO

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Stephan Gutowksi

Managing Director

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About envoPAP

The problem we're solving:

The world today is drowning in plastic, affecting nearly 700 species, including endangered ones. In order to solve the plastic crisis, we as a community are switching to alternative materials, which mostly are wood-pulp based. Unfortunately, this solution is causing another problem, which is deforestation. To meet the demand of human activities, the world is losing its green cover at a previously unseen rate.

On the other hand, we have excess waste problem. Stubble burning is the most economic methods for cleaning the field after harvesting for low income farmers. Though it’s a cheap practice, its impact is hazardous in nature and is one of the reasons for many air born diseases like Asthma.

Our solution:

EnvoPAP were able solve all these interconnected problems by simply using abundantly available agricultural waste as raw material, instead of traditional wood pulp.

They source their raw materials from individual farmers in order to provide them with additional income. This also gives them economically better option to stubble burning.

Not only have they avoided stubble burning and air pollution with our solutions, they have also avoided over 1 million trees from being cut down for paper and packaging purposes. Every product that envoPAP makes is recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, marine-degradable. Furthermore, their materials have a 28%-45% lower carbon footprint than conventional products, according to an Intertek life-cycle analysis.

Our differentiator:

Our plug and play products are flexible, customisable to client needs, and easily scalable. Our proprietary technology platform enables the industry to source, purchase and create curated sustainable products, with both approved vendors and through the envoPAP supply chain.

EnvoPAP believe in embracing sustainability at every level of our company, from the technicalities of production to the ethical treatment of our employees so that we fully honour our commitment to the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. They challenge conventional paper production every day in order to innovate beyond the constraints of traditional production to ensure a sustainable future. Contrary to the linear "take, make, dispose" way of living, envoPAP believes in the circular principle of creating wealth from waste.

Our biggest achievement:

  • Generated £10m+ in revenue since 2015 -Achieved industry-leading certifications by Intertek and B-Corp status. B Corporation status is one of the most stringent tests globally to prove social and environmental performance. Only 3,300 companies globally have achieved it, and envoPAP is the only UK-based company in the paper and packaging industry to be a Certified B Corporation -Commercial sales in 50 countries with distribution partners across 17 territories in Europe, the Middle East and Africa -envoPAP products can be used for different applications in a wide range of industries, ranging from food packaging to e-commerce, paper and printing as well as fashion and shopping. Corporate deals in existing pipeline worth £30m+ -envoPAP has been recognised as a top 3 'Green Tech to Watch' on this year's Sage Tech Track 100 League Table. -First agro-fibre based paper and packaging company to be certified Fair Trade.