Energos develops hardware, software, and behavioral AI to manage distributed energy resources on both sides of the meter, with minimal human interference.

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Mumbai & Palo Alto, India & USA
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Rajesh Solanki

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About Energos

The problem we're solving:

As large C&I companies, set up their own renewable energy assets and invest in energy efficiency in a bid to reduce their carbon footprints, Oil and Gas companies, utilities, and Energy Solution Providers who have been serving them are optimizing demand and setting up & managing their own renewable energy resources to meet their C&I customers’ new energy needs from green sources.

Serving these C&I customers well, means helping customers to reduce energy consumption, helping them to match their demand with intermittent supply, managing grid reliance , integrating storage and managing EV charging infra for them. It also means delivering value added services to, increase efficiency, reduce peak loads, forecasting generation, analyzing plant efficiency, maintaining demand supply balance and automating the flow of energy to autonomously and proactively serve the sophisticated demands of C&I customers.

Our solution:

Energos connects all energy assets and adds intelligence in them to automate and optimize the energy flow. They developed AI-based, edge-deployed algorithms for autonomous and proactive control of the energy flow and self-tuning. These algorithms are part of an end-to-end platform (including middleware, cloud analytics and visualization) that can be used as it is or integrated with proprietary solutions via APIs or standard protocols.

Our differentiator:

Existing solutions are not autonomous, making load management and the balancing of supply and demand not optimum and often cumbersome. Another advantage of the developed solution is that the software is modular, so AI components can integrate easily with other platforms. Moreover, competitors have cloud AI on third party clouds, making costs relatively high. Energos solution is autonomous and self-learning, enabling the control and optimization with extraordinary convenience of C&I customer’s objectives around price, comfort, and sustainability goal.

Moreover, their AI at the Edge has the following unique advantages:

  1. Relative cost reduction- versus cloud data
  2. High Reliability- Irrespective of internet availability or speed
  3. Security & Privacy- Neural network driven AI processing on device
  4. Low Latency- Immediate response for a seamless experience
  5. Add intelligence to loads- HVAC, EVs, others
  6. Low investment high return business model

Our biggest achievement:

-ARR of US $ 1.5 M -Contracts worth $ 8 M -Patent granted in USA