Bringing Artificial Intelligence to every part of the Battery Value Chain.

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About dox

The problem we're solving:

Batteries are really hard to predict and manage. Battery manufacturers try to compensate by adopting rigorous testing measures and by providing warranties to their customers. However, we’re still seeing today that these processes are inefficient (example: Chevrolet Bolt Recall costs GM $1B)

Our solution:

dox's vision is to provide an end-to-end battery intelligence system that will reduce battery uncertainty and costs. Currently, we have 2 products:

  • Battery predictive analytics: helps battery fleet owners reduce battery waste, sudden failures, and unnecessary costs

  • Battery testing optimization: helps battery manufacturers accelerate their testing processes while ensuring the safe operation of batteries in real-world environments.

Our differentiator:

Features/tools provided, covering the entire battery value chain, algorithms used for prediction, open-source (after product launch).

Our biggest achievement:

We were able to achieve a 95% prediction accuracy on the MIT/Stanford dataset (battery life cycle assessment tests) which is superior to the accuracy they were able to achieve (90%).