is pioneering the development of the first sector-focused Large Language Model for the real estate industry

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Toronto, Canada
USD $10K-$100K

Management Team

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Brian Glavine

Director business development

Daanish Siddiqui


    Arsi Siddqi


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      The problem we're solving:

      Lack of data housing creates confusion, multiple information sources, and long tedious research times.

      Our solution: is building a comprehensive solution by offering a wholly-owned Real Estate AI that can replace 100% of remedial tasks for agents and brokerages. This AI will enable more efficient data organization and retrieval, instant answers via a chat interface, and the capability to handle localized training and modeling of real estate data.

      Our differentiator:

      The main differentiator for is our development of a sector-focused Large Language Model (LLM) specifically for the real estate industry. Unlike other AI models that rely on general public data,'s approach utilizes proprietary conversational data, along with a unique training process to deliver high-quality outputs tailored for real estate.

      Our biggest achievement:

      We have made significant progress in developing a versatile architecture that enables the creation of custom LLM products utilizing proprietary data. This architecture is foundational for launching new, innovative applications that can be used not only in real estate but also in any industry.