Developing the world's most efficient, fuel agnostic zero emission powertrains to decarbonise long-haul transport and off-grid power.

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London, United Kingdom
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Archie Watts-Farmer

Co-Founder & CEO

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Francis Lempp

Co-Founder & Director

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About Carnot

The problem we're solving:

The Marine, Heavy Duty vehicle and prime power markets are facing an unprecedented challenge to decarbonise by 2050. Due to size and range requirements electrifications and fuel cells are not viable solutions due to weight, size infrastructure limitations that result in poor total cost of ownership for end-users.

Our solution:

Carnot engines are completely fuel agnostic allowing operation on all net-zero fuels and enabling our technology to scale independently of available infrastructure and breaking through the traditional barriers of net-zero adoption.

Our differentiator:

Carnot engines have greatest value in total cost of ownership. The doubled fuel efficiency will mean a significant reduction in operating costs compared to existing powertrains that will result in a 35% lower total cost of ownership compared to conventional engines. The increased power density and higher efficiency means Carnot engines can achieve 50% range increase compared to fuel cells and a near 50% reduction in total cost of ownership for HGV's when compared to battery electric.

Our biggest achievement:

Carnot has raised £2million to date since founded in 2019. This is a mixture of equity funding and government grants. Carnot has also secured 3x industry funded demonstrator projects, 2 of which are focused on decarbonising the maritime sector.