A solution for trustworthy digital identities based on blockchain technology in compliance with the highest data protection regulation.

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About Blockchain-Helix

The problem we're solving:

For businesses: Due to data protection regulations and the risks involved, businesses avoid innovation. In particular, many insecurities persist when it comes to collecting and managing customer data. In case of any digital solution, businesses have to comply with legal requirements while also suffering from weak conversion rates during the onboarding process. Conducting necessary KYC processes is costly.

For consumers: Internet users distrust businesses when it comes to data protection - even if they trust the business in the analog world.

Our solution:

Blockchain HELIX offers businesses access to verified customer data, which is compliant to GDPR, as well as cost-efficient KYC checks.

By means of the helix ID app, individuals are able to create and verify a trustworthy digital identity. They can access a wide range of digital services via the smartphone in a convenient and secure manner - mobile first!

Our differentiator:

Digital identities play an integral role in the future success of any economy. The GDPR in Europe is a forerunner of our changing reality. The implications are particularly serious for businesses and reduce the chances of businesses to stay ahead in the digitalisation competition.

Recent events such as COVID-19 just accelerated these trends: Whoever does not join in digitally, will never again be able to join in at all. In order to cope successfully with the digital transformation, a trustworthy ID ecosystem for businesses and individuals is needed.

This is exactly what helix ID does. By using Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Zero Knowledge Technology we differentiate from legacy competitors.

Our biggest achievement:

Winner of Silicon Valley TIE Award, Project with Daimler, Win their first paying customer.