BindiMaps is an app for indoor navigation (like google maps, but indoors) that everyone can use, but is optimised for people with vision impairment.

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About BindiMaps

The problem we're solving:

People with vision impairment struggle with finding their way around unfamiliar public buildings like shopping centres, hospitals and train stations, as the signage is predominately visual. If there are Braille signs, how is someone who cannot see supposed to know that they are there?

This problem is not limited to those who cannot see. Signage and way finding is one of the largest complaints made by users of any public building, regardless of their level of sight.

Our solution:

BindiMaps is a smart phone app that provides information, localisation and routing for both indoor spaces and outdoor spaces. While anyone can use it, BindiMaps has been optimised for those with vision impairment, through the help of Guide Dogs, Vision Australia and Royal Society for the Blind. BindiMaps is now expanding our offering to include wheelchair accessible routing as well as routing for those with autism spectrum disorder.

Our biggest achievement:

BindiMaps could point to many here - their algorithms, or sales traction, or their partnerships with Guide Dogs, Vision Australia or Royal Society for the Blind. But for anyone at BindiMaps, their biggest achievement happens daily - when they get to witness the laughter, tears and wonder that happens when someone with vision impairment uses BindiMaps for the first time to independently navigate an unfamiliar space.