BeFC Bioenzymatic

BeFC Bioenzymatic

BeFC empowers IoT devices with paper biofuel cells, creating data opportunities without the downsides of a battery.

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Grenoble, France
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About BeFC Bioenzymatic

The problem we're solving:

We live in a digital and connected world, but the portable devices we use are typically powered by miniature batteries that are complex, expensive, and unecological to collect, process, and recycle. As a consequence, approximately 15 billion primary batteries (97% miniature batteries) are disposed by landfill or incineration each year, polluting our planet.

Our solution:

BeFC makes electricity with papers & enzymes. Their paper biofuel cells use enzymes to convert glucose and oxygen into electricity. Their technology is completely organic (no metal, no plastic) and therefore is easy to dispose of at end of life (e.g., composting). They also have developed printed electronics with an application specific integrated circuit, further reducing environmental impact.

Our differentiator:

BeFC is a University spinoff with decades of experience in biofuel cell. Their team is world-leading, being the first to have achieved implantation in mammals as well as other breakthroughs. Their technology is protected by patents with CNRS, with a further 17 patents filed since incorporation.

Unlike other energy harvesting technologies (PV, thermal, kinetic, RF), BeFC is not plagued by erratic power delivery... they patented the storage of the glucose in the paper layer, meaning they only need to harvest oxygen, of which some is present in the paper too. Once activated, their device produces power in just a few seconds, for minutes to months, depending on the amount of glucose present.

Our biggest achievement:

Signed 7 contracts with major actors in several market segments.