Atlas Coaching

Atlas Coaching

Atlas Coaching is a digital sports coaching platform founded by female athletes for aspiring female athletes.

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New York, United States
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    About Atlas Coaching

    The problem we're solving:

    Atlas Coaching enables underpaid female athletes, like so many Olympians, an opportunity to commercialize their sporting skills and connect more deeply with their fans. At the same time, Atlas Coaching addresses the geographical, social and availability barriers by giving aspiring athletes digital access to their female sporting heroes.

    Our solution:

    Atlas Coaching is a digital sports coaching platform that connects female athletes with aspiring athletes to provide video coaching and feedback.

    Female athletes make a fraction of their male counterparts in sport and are often forced to work second jobs to fund their training. These female athletes build up a lifetime of skills in their respective sport and Atlas Coaching gives them a platform to digitize and commercialize their talents.

    Our differentiator:

    Atlas Coaching are by female athletes for female athletes. A platform the focuses solely on women in sport. No longer should amazing female athletes be hidden on page 17 of digital coaching apps... Atlas Coaching will always have them on page 1!

    Our biggest achievement:

    • 20+ top female athletes signed-up
    • Building community through launch of Unleashed, a fun storytelling show on Social Media highlighting our amazing coaches