Aphetor is a disruptive creator-led sports/entertainment property, built for Web3 and the born digital generation.

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London, United Kingdom
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Carsten Thode

Founder & CEO

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Fivos Pantazis

Founder & COO/CFO

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About Aphetor

The problem we're solving:

The media consumption patterns of the born digital generation have shifted fundamentally. The content they consume, devices they use, channels they choose and expectations for how they can actively participate in the communities they care about are all nothing like the generations that have come before.

Traditional sport continues to be dependent on the same exclusive media partnerships that have governed the industry for over 50 years. However, it delivers the wrong content on the wrong channels for this new generation of fan, which is why traditional sports struggle to engage this audience.

Our solution:

Aphetor completely re-thinks the model, not only for creating and distributing content but also how you build communities around sporting events. Rather than content ""exclusivity"", our view is that the more content, created by more people and distributed more broadly, the better.

At Aphetor events, we bring the world's best content creators together to compete in 6 days of epic challenges, while handing over much of the content creation to them. The competitors create the content, for their audience, on their channels, resulting in a rich content ecosystem and ready-made communities of engaged fans.

Our differentiator:

While there are other sports/entertainment properties out there that share some Aphetor DNA (eg. Fan Controlled Football or Creator Boxing Events), there is nothing else that approaches content and distribution in the same way and with the same scale and ambition as Aphetor.

Our biggest achievement:

Aphetor proved the model and product/market fit by delivering two successful Aphetor events. With the most recent production generating over 120m content views, they showed that they could attract some of the world's best creators and generate partnership revenue from brands like Nature Valley. Aphetor was highlighted by SportsPro alongside propositions like Extreme E and The Hundred as one of the 10 most exciting sports properties of the future.