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Paroma Indilo

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About datacy

The problem we're solving:

The process of buying consumer data is secretive and unnecessarily complicated - resulting in poor data quality and forcing businesses to engage in unethical practices and pay arbitrary prices. Inaccurate, incomplete, and unethical third-party consumer data costs businesses $600 billion every year in poor strategic decisions, missed opportunities, and compliance issues.

Our solution:

Datacy provides consumer behavior and activity datasets that are of the highest quality, tailor-made to business needs, and offered in near real-time. Our data is legally and ethically sourced from consumers, who sell it directly to businesses through our data marketplace.

Our biggest achievement:

We bootstrapped to a fully functional data exchange platform in the last year and a half and have signed up over 7K users and 40 businesses on our waitlist, representing a ~40% monthly growth.